Under the Boardwalk
Image Size 7" x 14"
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2003 was my first year as Artist in Residence at Old Faithful Inn. I was continually asked if Id painted anything of Old Faithful Geyser. Id painted a variety of small originals of Old Faithful, as well as other geysers found in the park, but Id never printed any of them. After working on different compositions I felt that Under the Boardwalk was the best and subsequently printed it in 2007.

Ive placed three Golden Mantled Squirrels in the painting watching Old Faithful. Many people mistake these animals for chipmunks; theyre just as curious and busy but are much larger, have a goldish-brown face and only two black stripes on their back. Their numbers are strong and they can be seen throughout the park. Living in Yellowstone they get to experience their fair share of eruptions - I wanted to show it from their perspective.

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