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Most of the originals that Jim has made prints of have sold.
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Pronghorn and Cactus

$949.00 framed   SOLD
(image 6"X14" watercolor on canvas)

  Pronghorns are beautiful animals and they are the fastest land animal in the world - at sustained speeds. We've heard that it's estimated that about 90% of North Americas Pronghorn population live within a 300 mile radius of Casper Wyoming (Casper is located almost in the center of the state). Wyoming is no stranger to cactus either; when they flower, their so beautiful - they somehow loose their painful persona.


Moose on the Yellowstone

$478.00 framed  
(image - 3 3/4"X8 3/4" watercolor on canvas)
Several years ago Donna, I and a cousin of ours were having a barbecue at the Nez Pierce picnic area on the Yellowstone River. As the sun was going down the hillside across the river was being washed in a bright color of orange. The color was so brilliant it almost made the evergreens look like aspens turning color in the fall. The evening was peaceful and the colors so brilliant I knew I would have to paint it one day - and so I finally did.


Wolf at Fountain Flats

$694.00 framed  SOLD
  (image - 3 1/2"X11 1/2"  watercolor on paper)

I've painted different parts of the fountain flats geyser basin and this particular vantage point several times; I like the colors of the sunset working with the colors of the bacteria mats. This is the first time I've put a wolf in it.

Grizzlies at Porcelain Basin

$694.00  framed  SOLD
(image 4 1/4"X11 1/2" watercolor on canvas)

After all this time in the park I finally wandered over to the east side of the Porcelain Basin and discovered these beautiful colors. I wanted to paint them and felt what fun it would be to see grizzlies wondering through the basin; and yes they have been seen through the years at the different thermal basins.

$1,300.00 framed
(watercolor on paper)

Shortly after releasing my print Air Operations an art collector/fire fighter mentioned in passing - not to forget helitac crews in future paintings.  I remembered hearing tales of helicopters reaching their targets and dropping fish as well as water on the fire.  I instantly knew this curious aspect of using such aircraft would be part of my final composition.  So began the daunting task of collecting all the references I needed to complete the painting the way I saw it in my mind's eye.

The cliffs in the painting make up the eastern shore of King Fisher Island on the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah.  The island's western slopes have experienced a variety of fires throughout the years.  Most recently, attempts at prescribed burns have been done to help improve the habitat for the area's bighorn sheep population.


$1,100.00 framed
(watercolor on paper)

My concept for Base Camp Nursery  is the direct result of several influences. The first being a story my mother told of how, on her parents sheep ranch, she had fed an orphan fawn just as she did the bum lambs.  As a child, when visiting my grandparents, I too had the opportunity of feeding several lambs.  I remember barely being able to hold onto the bottle; those little buggers mean business when they're hungry.

Secondly, while bidding on a commission painting for a large catering company, one of the business co-founders shared a story about how his company helped feed a rescued fawn on a fire several years earlier. Stories of firefighters having contact with wildlife vary but are fairly common, with the most notable being the story of Smoky Bear.

Last, but certainly not least, there are women working in every facet of the wild land fire scene. I intend to include them in my paintings whenever possible; Base Camp Nursery can be considered my first installment.


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