Trouble Bruin
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Through the years Iíve painted an assortment of small works involving Yellowstone's thermal features. The hot pools have proved a considerable challenge; their colors are arduous to recreate. This painting is my first major attempt at tackling that issue.

While out exploring Yellowstone one afternoon in May, my wife and I found ourselves walking the West Thumb Geyser Basin. With the sun in the right place and the ambient temperature controlling the steam, we were able to get a clear look at the features in the Abyss Pool. Recently itís temperature has been dropping allowing the bacteria matte to grow and the colors to change. Luck was on our side, I was able to get some great photos to use as references.

All kinds of animals can be seen in the area.  Elk are the most common along with numerous bison and in 2004 the area was closed for awhile because of a grizzly bear encounter.  In the painting, I decided to add a bit of tension by depicting a herd of bison exiting the area because of the approaching grizzly. This piece was not only difficult to paint - I labored on a title so long I resorted to asking others for help. There were many great suggestions but I liked what a photographer friend of mine submitted the best. He handed me a piece of paper with Trouble Bruin written on it and I told him it was a great idea but he spelled brewiní wrong. He was quick to inform me that there was no mistake - bruin was another word for bear.  The play on words was perfect - I hope you enjoy the painting.

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