Day at the Beach
Image Size 28 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Signed and Numbered - $103.00  Artist Proofs - $154.00 Original - SOLD
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The painting I choose to create are often driven by a desire to express a certain thought.  Even though the motivation for this piece was specifically the colors and textures of the landscape, the title was obvious to me upon my decision to add a family of Black Bears.

In September of 2004, while driving along the Gibbon River in Yellwostone National Park, I was distracted by the colors in the canyon.  The evening sun lit the upper portion of the canyon walls and the rest sat in shadow.  The canyon floor along the river was alive with fall colors - I knew I had to paint it.

It's my belief that animals lives, however short they may be, parallel ours in many ways.  They struggle for survival, engage in courtship, have families, nurture and teach, experience happiness and sorrow and even find time to enjoy a Day at the Beach.

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