Image Size 7" x 18 1/2"
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Proceeds from the sale of this print benefit Alzheimers of Wyoming

When asked to be the featured artist for Alzheimer’s Affiliation of Wyoming’s 2004 fund raiser, I set out to create something that related to the affiliation’s mission; not such an easy task for a wildlife artist.

Failing to come up with a great format—I decided to paint a strong composition that hopefully would raise Alzheimer’s a respectable amount of money.  At the completion of the piece, I added elements I was searching for in the beginning.  I placed a cowbird on the females back in an attempt to represent the caregiver.  I also chose not to paint a lone moose.  An Alzheimer’s patient cannot face the affliction alone.  Together seemed a fitting title.

My wife and I donated the original to Alzheimer’s Affiliation of Wyoming and we dedicate it to one of the kindest men we’ve ever known, our personal friend, Bob Jones; he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

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