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When the Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society asked me to be their 1998 Featured Artist I remembered four photos I had on file of a cow elk teaching her calf to cross the Gibbon River in Yellowstone; I knew they would serve as the inspiration for my painting.

In the photoís, you can see the calf was unsure of itself and doubtful of what itís legs were capable of.  With the encouragement of itís doting mother, it was determined to succeed.  I felt itís struggle paralleled what people with MS must certainly endure.

I knew what the title would be after I met with the director of Wyoming Chapter of NMSS.  In passing, she mentioned that NMSS had a program called Step By Step; itís purpose was to help educate people with MS on ways to gain control of their bodies.

Those four photos were taken by a good friend of mine, John Carroll; he was an avid photographer, appreciated the great outdoors and loved Yellowstone.  As my friend, John was always taking photos and offering them to me to use as references for my art.  He passed away in January 1997.

I am donating my painting to the Wyoming Chapter of NMSS to help fight this debilitating disease and I dedicate it to the memory of my friend, John Carroll.

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