Evening at Lake
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Most guest facilities are readily seen by the Yellowstone tourist.  However, the Yellowstone Lake Hotel is easily missed if you're not paying attention.  Gracing the northwest shoreline and still in use today, it's an elegant structure that's 13 years older than Old Faithful Inn.  It's colonial architecture is reminiscent of something found in the New England states - not the mountains of Wyoming.

Originally built by the railroad, it had a less than auspicious beginning until Robert Reimer (architect of the Old Faithful Inn) was contracted to beautify the exterior of the building and design an addition for extra guest rooms.

People are drawn to Yellowstone to see the thermal features, beautiful landscapes and bountiful wildlife; man's contributions are worthy of a glimpse also.  However short it may be, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful piece of history.  And don't despair if you feel a need for a day off from all the driving and hiking you've done - as with all parts of Yellowstone, an array of wildlife can be found in the vicinity of the hotel.  Relax, pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful panoramas; with some patience and a little luck the animals will pass by you.

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