What Are You?
Image Size 11 1/2" x 5"
Signed and Numbered - $37.00    Artist Proofs - $48.00    Original - $1,735
( additional shipping and handling and tax when applicable)

Image Size 18" x 8"
( additional shipping and handling and tax when applicable)

What Are You is my fourth installment in a growing collection of holiday related paintings.  Like my first three pieces this was also, how should I say, encouraged by my wife.


I remember seeing my first lighted lawn ornament so many years ago; at first I briefly thought “that’s creative” then abruptly “what will they come up with next?”


Throughout the years, I’ve witnessed animals displaying varying levels of curiosity.  I wonder if any have ever taken time to investigate these strange lighted animals and maybe even offer a warmhearted “welcome to earth”.



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