Sixth image in the series Yellowstone Revisited
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In its previous 116 year history, Yellowstone Park had never experienced fires the magnitude seen in the summer of 1988.  The last dramatic episode that season, happened on September 7th when the North Fork fire would make its final run on the Old Faithful Inn.  Firefighting efforts were successful in saving the Inn and most of the surrounding buildings.

Mother nature finally heeded the call and on September 10th the park saw its first snowfall; the official announcement was made - the fires were out!  Unfortunately, the work was far from over, for the mop up process would continue for some time after.

In Sure, When a Fella Needs a Fire, the two moose are standing along the Lewis River, just south of Lewis Lake.  This area, along with most of the southwestern portion of the park; was consumed by the North Fork Fire.  You can see on the far side of the moose, I’ve represented one of the many spot fires being extinguished by the first snowfall.

After finishing this painting, I sat back and looked at it for a long  time.  I found myself once again experiencing mixed emotions - relief that the fires were finally out and at the same time, dreading the piercing cold of another Wyoming winter.  For a fleeting moment I thought to myself, “Boy, I could use a fire about now.”

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