Fifth image in the series Yellowstone Revisited
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Most of Yellowstone’s eagle habitat was untouched by the ‘88 fires.  It is for
certain though, that on bad days, the smoke filled skies posed a problem for this
magnificent bird’s keen eye sight.  When the decision was made to insure a
painting in my series would represent the wondrous bird life of the greater
Yellowstone ecosystem, I felt this nation’s symbol of freedom and strength was a
perfect choice to be the park’s delegate.

According to park officials the large variety of birds that can be found in
Yellowstone were, for the most part, unaffected by the fires; and there has been
large increases in the population of some species since the fires, such as the
Osprey, with a noted small increase in the numbers of Bald eagles.

My research on the park’s eagle population found me spending a lot of time in
the Yellowstone Lake and Hayden Valley area.  In Hunting the Fire Line I’ve
painted the eagle flying high over the Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley where
you can see two Trumpeter swans floating idly by and the northern sky filled
with smoke from the Wolf Lake fire.

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