Each Image Size 5" x 7"
Overall size  12" x 30"

Signed and Numbered - $48.00    Artist Proofs - $62.00   Original - SOLD

 (Signed and numbered prints increase to $55.00 and Artist Proof prints increase to $71.00 Jan. 1, 2017)

It's sad really, but I have some reoccurring comments I make on the occasion I pass by a game crossing sign, you know, because I think I'm soooooo funny.  Things like "How do they get the deer to cross right here?" or "Look- there's going to be deer leaping", etc. etc.


One day I decided to have some fun with it.  I'd paint a grizzly waiting by the sign for what was assuredly a guaranteed meal - since this is obviously where the deer cross.  A concept I felt was so strong it wouldn't even need a title.  In the ensuing days after my initial idea, I thought of three more paintings that could compliment the first.


If you look at the paintings close enough you can see the light source and shadows change.  The first depicts early morning, the second is around noon, the third is approaching evening and the fourth is the morning of a brand new day.  I hope the composition is considered humorous without losing the subsequent motivational statement it makes.


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