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Iíve had the great fortune to experience a few of the beautiful mountain regions on our planet.  Iíve toured and skied in the Alps, Iíve traveled through, hiked and skied all over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Canada and still find myself overwhelmed with the grandeur of the Tetons.

 Aspens are abundant in Teton National Park, but none are placed more perfectly than in the Oxbow Bend area in front of Mount Moran.  The location is a favorite among photographers - especially in fall.  Theyíll stand elbow to elbow along the banks of Oxbow Bend waiting for that first morning light to dance across the valley.  To me the ultimate vantage point is where more of the valley can be viewed and still get a glimpse of the tip of the Grand.

 In 2009 I had my first personal sighting of wolves in Teton National Park; there were two black and a one gray moving north through the sagebrush of Antelope Flats.  I felt wolves would make a great addition to my composition with one of them howling along with two bull elk in the valley below bugling.  I call this piece Morning Reveille.   

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