Third image in the series Yellowstone Revisited
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During my research for the Yellowstone Revisited series, my observations revealed that the Park's buffalo appeared fearless; in Yellowstone's ecosystem, man seems to be the only threat to these glorious animals.

In mid August 1988, animal migration was forced from the West Yellowstone area by the man-made North Fork Fire; considered to be the parks most frustrating & damaging.

My reasons for painting Moving Day was that I desperately wanted to portray this magnificent animal, that has roamed the plains for hundreds of years, and how it was affected by the fires.  A large portion of the Yellowstone buffalo population can be found in the Madison River area; my research continued to return me to this region that was devastated by the North Fork Fire.  In watching the uncaring attitude of the buffalo, I imagined that the encroaching flames posed more of a nuisance than a danger.

Thriving like Yellowstone’s fresh new landscape, these magnificent creatures can be seen today throughout the Park including Madison Junction.

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