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The work preformed during a structure fire is carefully orchestrated, insuring all efforts are coordinated and executed as safely as possible. Communications are accomplished with portable radios or face to face.  Progress reports, about the success of the fire fighting efforts, are transmitted throughout the incident to the individuals in charge.  A search for occupants in a burning building is always done; when all have been found and are brought to safety a radio report “we have an all clear” is given.

I’ve had the privilege of being a career fire fighter and after 21 years of service I finally got around to painting this piece.  It is the first time I’ve ever painted domestic cats or a structure fire fighter.

All fire fighters have war stories to tell - they often fashion them as risk takers, virile and eternally undaunted.  Even though they diligently try to conceal it, each possess a softer side.  I suspect my painting, We Have an All Clear, exposes that fact or should I say, “lets the cat out of the bag!”

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