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The Firehole River flows for miles across the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park.  The section that stretches from the Lone Star Geyser trail head to the geyser itself is my particular favorite.  In late September the ground cover along its banks turn to stunning hues of red, yellow and green.


I’ve produced a variety of paintings using the river in combination with various assorted animals and I keep returning to this particular “Y” in the river; what Mother Nature has done here, compositionally speaking, fascinates me.  With the exception of removing a couple downed trees, I haven’t changed her design – I’ve just placed animals in the setting.


It was my intention, painting the wolves looking at each other, that hopefully the viewer would sense the wolves contemplating their odds of success in downing the moose.  I wanted the moose to seem unconcerned with the wolves presence - he knows too well, with just two wolves, he’ll be the victor; so I posed him nonchalantly eating from the river bottom.  What’s going through the two assailants minds…. “we need more guys” or “You Go First”?




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