Image Size 9" x 12 3/4"
Signed and Numbered
- $37.00    Artist Proofs - $48.00   Original - SOLD
( additional shipping and handling and tax when applicable)

Year after year my wife urged me to create a painting for the holidays.  She was so insistent I wanted to choke her but I couldn’t  - I love her.  I worked on a few concepts and finally created my first holiday release, Sorry the Ad Said Reindeer.

 Living in Wyoming since I was a year old afforded me enormous exposure to mule deer and very limited exposure to reindeer.  I have a rule, actually it’s more of a guideline, paint what you know.  The problem  - how do I use mule deer in a Christmas painting since everyone knows only reindeer can fly; solution  - taking in consideration the state of our economy in 2009, even mule deer can’t get a job.

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