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Being Artist in Residence in Yellowstone has afforded my wife and I the immense pleasure of experiencing the ebb & flow of the park on a daily basis.  During our first season, we were sitting along the Fire Hole watching some fishermen and an Osprey working the river; Donna mentioned, “I wonder who’s more successful?” 

Over the years, considering our less than scientific studies, we decided that the Osprey may not be more successful but for certain their technique is impressive.   From a height that would make it difficult to see any fish, the Osprey dives for it’s prey and is the only raptor that will  go completely under water.

 Since that first experience, I’ve toyed with the idea of painting this “competition” between fisherman & bird.  When asked to be the featured artist for Wyoming Cares 2011 fund raiser, I wanted to give them the strongest composition I could produce in hopes their event would be a success.  I’d like to think I accomplished it with Show Off.


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