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It's not enough that Wildland Fire Fighters deal with a wide variety of fire behavior; they also have the occasional encounter with wildlife.  Some encounters can be more disconcerting than others.

In 1995, while waiting to demob on a fire west of my hometown, I overheard radio traffic from a hand crew stating concern that a mountain lion appeared to be stalking them.  That was the only traffic I caught; I never found out if anything else happened.  It gave me the idea to use a mountain lion in one of my firefighter paintings.  In my composition, I've depicted the fire fighters eating lunch.  Are they being watched?  Are they being stalked?  Exactly who is going to have lunch?

Professional photographer, Jeff Henry, gave me permission to use his photograph for my painting. I added the three fire fighters, the cougar and the trees torching; however, the landscape and helicopters are factual.  They were working the Arthur Fire in 2001 just inside the East entrance to Yellowstone.

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