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Original - $1100.00*
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My concept for Base Camp Nursery  is the direct result of several influences.

The first being a story my mother told of how, on her parents sheep ranch, she had fed an orphan fawn just as she did the bum lambs.  As a child, when visiting my grandparents, I too had the opportunity of feeding several lambs.  I remember barely being able to hold onto the bottle; those little buggers mean business when they’re hungry.

Secondly, while bidding on a commission painting for a large catering company, one of the business co-founders shared a story about how his company helped feed a rescued fawn on a fire several years earlier. Stories of firefighters having contact with wildlife vary but are fairly common, with the most notable being the story of Smokey Bear.

Last, but certainly not least, there are women working in every facit of the wildland fire scene. I intend to include them in my paintings whenever possible; Base Camp Nursery can be considered my first installment.

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